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Deirdre Holland is the Founder of First Step Directory and has decades of experience in the Mental Health, Fashion, and Beauty Industry. Throughout her professional journey, it became crystal clear that her Clients found comfort and a sense of purpose when they received services that simply made them feel good. She observed that her Clients would feel a sense of calmness when they were heard and deeply understood, confident in just wearing the perfect garment, and Beautiful with just the right Beauty Treatment.

The question was…how does one combine their Heterogeneous Therapeutic Career choices and Personal Tribulations to create a Company that is synonymous with both? Thinking “Out Of The Box” would be critical to expanding her First Step Therapy & Wellness Brand; with that, First Step Directory was conceived and developed. The online user has free access to our Directory that offers a variety of goods and services to choose from. When the Client finds the right fit, it can be a life-changing experience and an enduring bond for all involved.

Another focus and passion of First Step, from a Social Service initiative, is to help unite Professionals with the Community in an effort to bridge the gap between Social Service Professionals, Law Enforcement, and our Neighborhoods. For Professionals wishing to Join our Network we will donate a portion of your Membership fee to the Innocence Project.

Remember, Success is determined by the choices we make First Step is both the right choice and the smart choice. So when you Join First Step we will provide your Company with our SEAL of approval. This SEAL can be downloaded and placed on your website. The First Step SEAL is a symbol of Integrity, Credibility, and Excellence.

So, Let Your Thumbs Do The Walking!!

Let Your Thumbs Do The Walking!

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