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Part II



I have endured accumulative traumas throughout my life, stemming from childhood to present. I thought that the tragic death of my father was the most defining moment in my life for which I would never recover. Throughout all these trials and tribulations, I never once contemplated suicide until my family became engulfed in a Fraudulent Guardianship of inexplicable abuse, lies, and deception.

I have many people to thank for saving my life but at the top of the list it would be my brilliant and devoted therapist of over three decades and my beautiful attorney Mr. Anthony M. Grandinette. I honestly thought that if I took my life this would be a slap in the face to them both and it would be this thought repeatedly swirling through my head that would prevent me from pulling the trigger. Our Family is determined to seek Justice and to ensure that our story is shared and to inform the public that they should NEVER file for a Guardianship as it is a bait and switch trap that families will never recover from. The Judges, lawyers, and their accomplices are morally bankrupt and will stop at nothing to destroy your family. Help is available, Suicide Prevention Hotline dial 988.

Our United Family continues to suffer a Kafkaesque nightmare of exploitation and abuse. The daughter of the Incapacitated Person (IP), Ms. Deirdre Holland, continues to tirelessly fight to free her mother from this Guardianship Mafia that is deeply embedded in The Dark Underbelly of the United States Justice System. 

On February 26, 2023, Ms. Holland would have to enter her childhood home with cameras rolling and police escort in tow. What she witnessed was unfathomable! Her mother was unresponsive, the Aides repeatedly stated to the Officer that this was the IP’s “normal state” and the daughter responded, “does this look normal!”  The Officer recommended that the daughter call the Fire Department for an ambulance. Following these traumatic events, the Guardian, Ms. Hausch/Ordained Pastor & Lawyer, who has since been removed by the Courts as of August 2023, would file a deceptive Stay Away Order against Ms. Holland.  Hausch alleges in her erroneous Petition that the daughter’s behavior at NorthShore LIJ Glen Cove Hospital, was somehow reckless…really? If that was the case, why didn’t the Hospital staff contact security? The daughter saved her mother’s life as the IP was severely dehydrated and had a potentially fatal UTI, if left untreated. No surprise to the daughter, Ms. Hausch withholds these critical facts from her illegitimate Petition before the Court and swiftly withdraws her corrupt Petition. Ms. Hausch was nowhere to be found on the day that her Ward was rushed to the hospital. It should be emphasized that the strategically delayed process by the Court to remove Haush began in the Fall of 2022. It appears Hausch and the entire syndicate were threatened by the daughter’s laser focused tenacity to expose these atrocities.

It should be emphasized that the Caucasian Babysitter, in the videos is a longtime associate of Ms. Haush’s and to our knowledge is not affiliated with a Licensed Home Health Care Agency. In the disturbing video shot on October 23, 2022 the daughter asked whether the IP is incontinent, the Sitter doesn’t even know what that word means and states “you have to talk to her nurse”. In the alarming video, taken on February 26, 2023 both Aides repeatedly say that this is her “normal state” and that she is “fine”. In September 2023 the daughter entered the home with police presence and shockingly the Caucasian Babysitter was still working in the home. The question looming is why would the current Guardian, the IP’s repulsive Court Appointed Attorney, and the Trustee, whose Law Firm has strong personal ties to the first Judge on this case (Judge Julianne “Eisman” Capetola) continue to allow this Babysitter to care for the IP without the proper credentials coupled by her inability to comprehend that the IP needed emergency medical attention? This creates a liability to the IP and the Estate. The African American woman in the video is allegedly from a Home Care Agency up in Scarsdale New York and travels all the way from New Jersey to Long Island NY. One must wonder why the syndicate was unable to secure these critical services by a local agency.

What is more astonishing is that the nurse Cheryl aka Cher had no clue that the IP suffered a Deep Vein Thrombosis and stated to the daughter I guess this is why she is on blood thinners what the fuck??? She doesn’t even know the IP’s medical/mental health history or why she is administering these potentially fatal medications to her patient? This is just one of many dire consequences when you alienate and isolate the IP from her family. It should be noted that Cher informed Ms. Holland that she works with Virginia Belling’s office who is the Court Appointed Geriatric Care Manager assigned to the IP. On July 6, 2023 the IP was nowhere to be found when the daughter arrived for her scheduled visit. When the police finally got in touch with Cher, she identified herself and told the officer she was from Visiting Nurse, and she never mentioned Belling’s name.

Currently the daughter is only permitted to visit the IP twice weekly for an hour. With that, the IP is getting stronger each day since her daughter entered the home and has become a fierce advocate for her mother and the entire United Family. She is no longer catatonic, Drugged, bedridden, and left to die alone and isolated from her daughter. She is no longer on a puree diet and currently her meals are chopped. Her improvement is so remarkable that Hospice exited and discharged the case in August 2023. Our Family is increasingly concerned about the IP’s care and health now that the presence of Hospice has been removed from the case. Hospice would keep these incompetent baboons in check.

In view of these videos and the evidence these individuals should have been fired on the spot and the Court Appointed Officers of the Court sanctioned and denied payment for their exploitative representation of the IP!! Instead, Judge Knobel continues to pay and reward these amoral repulsive parasites handsomely for their continued abuse of the IP and her Family.

It should be noted that the United Family made several attempts, written and telephonically, to reach out to the new Guardian, Mr. Bruce Hafner, to schedule a meeting and he has ignored our requests, attached herein as Exhibit “1”. He is a white 78-Year-old man…why, out of all the lawyers in New York, would Hafner accept this explosive referral from Judge Knobel at the tail end of his career?

"Mr. Bruce Hafner"
"Exhibit 1"

The once pristine home that entertained over 400 guests is now in despair, unsanitary, and the conditions are deplorable. The stench coming from the library was palpable, the water damage is remarkable, and the grounds are a disgrace! Our father would be rolling over in his grave knowing what has happened to his wife, children, and the home he built for his family under this evil Guardianship. To our knowledge, not a single lawyer, including Ms. Hausch, has visited the IP/Estate and/or met with the home health aides since fall 2022. Shamefully, Judge Knobel orders the Family Estate to pay the Trustee and the syndicate over $60,000! Imagine having to pay your serial offenders to be abused, neglected, and exploited? The Family understands this is a drop in the bucket and more outrageous fees exist and have been paid to these evildoers that the Family is not privy to. Is this how the syndicate manages their mother’s healthcare, estate, and finances? Let’s not forget about the theft of over a half-a-million dollars that was stolen right under the IP’s once sharp nose and sadly our family now knows that all the IP’s jewelry is gone. 

Filthy heavily soiled diaper found on driveway

“unsanitary, and the conditions are deplorable”

These lawyers were given every opportunity that America has to offer, white privilege, a great education, and the financial means to obtain said education and this is what they have chosen to do with their God-given gifts…. destroy families, unapologetically steal their property, and traffic our disabled and elderly kicking them to the curb like human garbage. This is what mental health professionals would identify as sociopathy/psychopathy, serial offenders with no regard for human life. This collective consciousness of societal depraved misfits has banned together like a satanic cult… their pen would become just as lethal as a Machete and yield the same results. They were born to destroy!

In Part I of The Dark Underbelly our ironclad evidence linked the money train directly to the First National Bank of Long Island (FNBLI). This Bank and the entire syndicate would align themselves with the nefarious parties who were acquaintances of the daughter. These sisters from Bayville and Manhasset New York would masquerade as nieces of the IP and sign her out of a nursing facility, move a woman with Dementia and Aphasia into an independent apartment at Atria Park in Great Neck NY, and bring her to unknown lawyers who would recklessly change the IP’s advanced directives. It is unimaginable and beyond inconceivable that the IP’s daughter would, even for a second, consider involving herself into the private family affairs of these sisters. It would be unthinkable that she would go to their elderly father’s home, drive his Mercedes around town if he had one, sleep in his bed, sign him out of a nursing facility (if the circumstances were the same), and withdraw even a “SINGLE PENNY” out of a joint account he shared with his daughters. For the record, these “girls” never slept in our home but back in September 2018 one of the sisters would manipulate her sleezy ass into the home and sleep in the IP’s bed. Once they hijacked the Estate, they would purchase a canary yellow corvette and brazenly park it in the IP’s garage attached herein as Exhibit “2”. This is some sick twisted shit! We, the family, are beyond appalled by these calculated, deceptive, and evil actions at the hands of people we knew and trusted. Evil definitely lives here.

Exhibit 2
Exhibit 2

Fake nieces hijack estate & buy Corevtte, Bayville NY

Ms. Britney Spears’s statement before the Court was echoed around the globe. She would illuminate and expose a once dark and sinister pathway for the millions of families suffering in these corrupt Guardianships. Through gaslighting and manipulation these wicked parasites would intimidate and control their victims and the Public’s perception of said victims. Out of all the celebrities, with well documented mental health/family conflict, why was Ms. Spears targeted? Given family discord in almost every domestic household in the country why target Ms. Libra Max, Ms. Joan Pezzollo, Ms. Marian Kornicki, Ms. Sara Hart, Ms. Mary Bush, and Ms. Deborah Findley’s disabled son to name just a few? And how can lawyers permit strangers to hijack the IP’s Estate, change her advanced directives, and assign these strangers as Beneficiaries to said Estate when in fact her family was united and vehemently supported the IP’s daughter’s efforts to free the IP from this abuse? Where are the guardians for the impoverished, homeless, and destitute? Why were the former families targeted and stripped of their fourth amendment right to due process and the latter excluded and marginalized?

There is a revealing Documentary on Netflix by Dan Buettner titled Live to100: the Secrets of the Blue Zones. Dan travels to various countries around the world to research these incredible Blue Zones. There were several common denominators that these societies valued, and the key ingredient is a community-based living environment. This civic-minded ecosystem is its own breathing organism which is essential for establishing the longevity and the healthy lifestyle of an interconnected community. In one country they built housing specifically designed to give families the opportunity to live near their elderly parents and the benefits for the entire familial nucleus are indisputable. The US Guardianship’s vile philosophy is to alienate and isolate our marginalized populations. This destructive force lurking in The Dark Underbelly of our Justice system is in direct opposition and the antithesis from this rudimentary a commonsense approach as beautifully documented in The Blue Zones.

There are millions of families nationwide who are embroiled in these exploitive Guardianships our thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of them. 




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This United Family has been in fear for their safety for over four years. They are aware that making this video and evidence public will place them in further danger. The IP’s (incapacitated person) daughter’s sole goal is to protect the IP’s immediate and extended family as she believes that if the IP had her full faculties, she would want the same. How a family manages to seek justice, from a national public service alert and initiative, without compromising their safety, security, and privacy is/has weighed heavy on our hearts. With that, the Daughter is deeply humbled that her immediate family has entrusted her to navigate these turbulent waters. She will continue to protect and keep them from harm’s way until such time that she exhales her final breath.


These vindictive individuals will/have engaged in extreme measures to silence this Family. The woman, Incapacitated Person (IP), in the video is this Family’s mother, sister, and aunt. The IP has Dementia, Aphasia, numerous medical and mental health conditions/concerns. The other woman in the video is an Interloper “BAD”, non-family member. On or about late summer/early fall 2018 Interloper “BAD” and her sister Interloper “PC”, masquerading as “nieces” of the IP, would sign the IP out of a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Glen Cove to take her to doctors and a lawyer “SQB” to change the IP’s Advanced Directives and assigning herself (Interloper “PC”) as the new Power of Attorney, annexed hereto as Exhibit “1”. Lawyer “SQB” NEVER contacted a single family member and recklessly proceeded. Fast-forward to January 5, 2022 the Court Appointed Examiner, MFG, testifies that she “received phone calls from the family”, annexed hereto as Exhibit “2”. Who are these alleged family members?

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2

On November 5, 2018 the IP’s Doctor leaves a voicemail message stating the IP is “demented” and clearly the Doctor’s voicemail and video demonstrates that the IP is Non-Compos Mentis and incapable of performing a simple task, annexed hereto as Exhibit “2A” & “2B”. Reprehensibly, the IP’s lawyers “ACH”(up and until 2020/2021 her Law Firm shared office space in the same building as First National Bank of Long Island (FNBLI) & Attorney SQB), Court Appointed Evaluator “NM”, former Assistant District Attorney turned Landlord/Tenant Attorney “NBG”, Certified Public Accountant “RJB” (Business advisory board member of FNBLI), the sisters/Interlopers, The FNBLI VP/Trust Officer “SEP”, Judge Julianne Eisman, and their accomplices asserted that the IP had all her faculties. The Judge did not permit any expert medical testimony, quashed critical subpoenas, engaged in ex parte communications, obstructed the IP’s Daughter’s Fourteenth Amendment Right to Due Process, and fallaciously denied the Daughter’s petition for Guardianship demanding a Trial by Jury. This malevolent “cult” is a tightly woven network and to disrupt and dismantle this legalized crime syndicate would be financially devastating to the legal beneficiaries and will rock the very foundation of our Judiciary system.


If family conflict is the criteria for appointing a stranger as Guardian, then everyone in the United States of America would be a Ward of The State. So why would the IP’s daughter, Ms. Britney Spears, Ms. Libra Max, and Ms. Joan Pezzollo become scapegoats that would require supervision is beyond laughable and absurd. These beautiful and humane women would be vilified, bullied, and intimidated by a corrupt and predatory legal system driven by evil and greed. How these women maintained their grace, dignity, and sanity throughout these unimaginable circumstances is a testament to their inner strength and resilience. We are proud to be in the company of this beautiful sisterhood of self-respect.


Late December 2018 FNBLI would transfer all the IP’s assets into their banking institution. Prior to this the IP never had a financial relationship with FNBLI as she held pristine accounts with Citibank and Astoria Federal for over four decades. Once FNBLI transferred the assets, the IP’s Estate would freefall into financial decay i.e., as her once timely mortgage payments (her daughter is listed as Co-Trustee) was now in arrears, annexed hereto as Exhibit “3”, income property vacant up until the erroneous sale was approved by the courts in 2022 (income loss of approximately $134,400). This unique and desirable income property, which was Grandfathered in, and is in the Herricks school district, never had a vacancy in over four decades.

Exhibit 3 - Page 1
Exhibit 3 - Page 2
Exhibit 3 - Page 3
Exhibit 3 - Page 4
Exhibit 3 - Page 5

A mere 14 days after FNBLI transferred all the IP’s assets Adult Protective Services (APS) determined that the IP needed protection from herself and others (letter dated January 7, 2019), annexed hereto as Exhibit “4”. On January 8, 2019 the FNBLI creates a Revocable Trust for the IP, and they appoint the FNBLI as the Trustee and Interloper “PC” as the “Trust Protector”. For the record, Lawyer “SQB’s” partner “KJH” is also on the Business Advisory Board of FNBLI, and their Law Firm also has office space in the same building as the FNBLI, annexed hereto as Exhibit “5”.


Approximately, a week after this video was shot, the IP’s developmentally disabled son was evicted on a deceptive Ex Parte Order, from the home in June 2019 by this vindictive clan. He had lived with the IP since birth. The IP was left alone and isolated in a 5000sq ft home unable to put the key in the front door keyhole/lock and her speech severely compromised, barely able to complete a sentence. Between June 14, 2019 (after 4pm) and by the time the Family went back to the home to retrieve the IP’s son belongings, on July 26, 2019, the Family was devastated to find that over a half-million dollars in collectables was stolen. This diabolical group think tank would manipulate the legal system and law enforcement to plot a well-orchestrated and premeditated assault on this Family in order to gain access to these valuables and hijack the entire estate. They would seamlessly, and with ease, enter the home, steal, and transport these voluminous valuables right under the IP’s once sharp nose.

Exhibit - 4
Exhibit 4 - Page 2
Exhibit 5 - Page 1
Exhibit 5 - Page 2
Exhibit 5 - Page 3
Exhibit 5 - Page 4

August 2019, approximately six weeks after this video was shot and seven months after the APS report stating the IP needed protection from herself and others, Judge Eisman denies the IP a Guardian and denies the IP’s Daughter’s petition/Demand for a Guardianship by Jury Trial, no expert medical testimony permitted, subpoenas needed to support her case were quashed, and the Judge orders the Daughter to pay the Court appointed officials for their shady representation on behalf of the IP. In early June 2020 the United Family publicly posted their initial $10,000, now $50,000 reward for the stolen property, along with copies of FNBLI withdrawal slips that are NOT the IP’s signature, annexed hereto as Exhibit “6”. Once FNBLI and Interloper “PC” become aware of the reward they quickly pivot and hire a live-in aide in August 2020, just one month after the reward posting. Interloper “PC” swiftly moves to create a Domestic LLC to protect her assets, filing date October 29, 2020, annexed hereto as Exhibit “7”. FNBLI and Interloper “PC” “want out” and subsequently FNBLI Petitions the Court for a Guardian to be appointed on or about December 2020. The FNBLI VP/Trust Officer (SEP) testified at the THIRD Guardianship Hearing on May 18, 2021 that the IP had amassed a $3,000.00 water bill, regular $5,000.00 cash withdrawals were withdrawn from the IP’s account that she found “concerning”, and that she visited with the IP “twice weekly.” SEP testified she called the Water District (Town of Oyster Bay) to inform them of the “situation.” In a bizarre twist, Interloper “PC” testifies that due to family obligations i.e., caring for her young children and 90 plus year old father was the story she gave to the courts for abandoning the IP. The question is who was tending to her children and her father for the two years she was allegedly looking after the IP? Were her children/father being neglected or the IP or both? The Home health aide confirms and testified that she was in fact hired in August 2020. No surprise to the family, FNBLI and the Parties want the records Sealed and Judge Eisman Orders the Seal. All three Guardianship proceedings were overseen by Judge Eisman.

Exhibit 7

On June 29, 2021, one day before Judge Eisman “retires” on June 30, 2021, she signs an order appointing a Guardian. Oddly, the Guardian “AFH” is both a lawyer and an Ordained Pastor who holds the Bonding agencies in the palm of her hands. No shock to the Family a Complaint on Ripoff Report was filed by the Family of Ms. Olga Kovacs regarding this Guardian’s suspicious activities. This report supports this Family’s concerns and puts into question the Guardians/Pastor’s credibility and motives, annexed hereto as Exhibit “8”.  In January 2022, loyal wingman Judge Gary Knobel appoints a Law Firm as the new Trustee. This Law Firm has strong personal ties to Judge Eisman. Up and until recently, this Law Firm also held office space in the same building as FNBLI and currently they are in the same commercial/office complex as FNBLI. On January 5, 2022, the United Family opposed this outrageous decision stating “The IP and her Family paid handsomely for these dubious proceedings, annexed hereto as Exhibit “9”. The Family followed up with an email to the Courts and their syndicate reinforcing our position, “given the strong ties that Judge Eisman has to this Law Firm we believe that this is an egregious conflict of interest. Appointing this Law Firm as the Trustee and for them to be “profiting” from the IP’s Estate seems shifty, vulturistic, shady, and dirty.” There are thousands of lawyers/firms to choose from why would Judge Knobel appoint this Firm and why would this Law Firm accept the referral?  After reading this, it makes one feel like they have to take a shower.

Exhibit - 8
Exhibit 9 - Page 1
Exhibit 9 - Page 2

In September 2021 the Guardian/Ordained Pastor “AFH” quickly Petitions the Court to sell the multiple dwelling/income property as her first order of business on behalf of her ward (IP). For the record, the Family was completely blindsided as the first the Family was notified of said Petition was on Columbus Day October 11, 2021 during our first meeting with the Guardian/Pastor. The Guardian/Pastor would garner the support of loyal wingman Judge Knobel, the IP’s Court Appointed Attorney “ACH” throughout the THREE Guardianship proceedings, the Court Appointed Examiner “MFG”, and the newly appointed Trustee “MA”. This egregious action would create a major capital gains tax liability for the Estate because it was not the main residence. The united Family presented a sound financial plan to the Courts to stop this financially exploitive sale and that selling the primary residence would have prevented this major tax event to the Estate. Judge Knobel and his syndicate unanimously rejected this cerebral economic proposal. Why would the “new Trustee MA” and the rest of the syndicate agree to such negligence? Is this how they manage their personal/business finances and investments? They operate without a conscious and their actions and words are in the gutter along with their scruples!


On January 28, 2022, the Guardian/Ordained Pastor “AFH” testifies “every time the prior Trustee, every time she needed funds, they would sell stock and that is not appropriate, so that is one of the reasons why the Court in the initial documents relative to the Trustee wanting out,” annexed hereto as Exhibit “10”.  She further testifies on March 14, 2022, that prior to her being appointed Guardian to the IP that “the Bank was involved, Ms. (court appointed attorney “ACH”), you were involved, and they did a horrific, horrible job of her personal care, and they had no clue what was going on over there,” annexed hereto as Exhibit “11”. The Guardian/Ordained Pastor further informs the Family, during their long-awaited meeting, on Columbus Day 2021 (the only date the Guardian/Pastor would meet with the family) that the Bank are a bunch of “crooks” and that the Brokers and the FNBLI have an “incestuous relationship”, as they share office space in the same building. These statements confirm the Family’s assertions that the IP has been Exploited and Neglected on all levels of care (mental, physical, financial) for several years to present. The Guardian’s testimony corroborates and validates the Family’s allegations that the IP’s mental, physical, and financial well-being was not being managed or properly cared for. The Family has long recognized that the IP’s mental, physical, and financial needs were being neglected and mismanaged thus the reason the Family applied for Guardianship on two separate occasions. It should be noted that throughout the THREE Guardianship proceedings the court appointed attorney ACH and the court appointed Evaluator NM fully supported the interlopers/sisters. The lawyers and their accomplices would fight tooth and nail to protect themselves, “FNBLI”, and block the IP from receiving a Guardian. Shockingly, the IP was in fact denied a Family appointed Guardian. The facts contained herein would be justification to unseal the records in the THIRD Guardianship proceeding filed by the FNBLI!

Exhibit - 10
Exhibit 11 - Page 1
Exhibit 11 - Page 2

Currently, the IP has a “male” orderly “RF” who has taken up residency in the home. “RF” is approximately 80 years old with severely compromised oral hygiene resulting in tooth decay/loss and is an associate of the Guardian/Ordained Pastor. The IP is on a liquid diet, unable to speak no more than three words and managed to muster up the strength to say “I love you” to her daughter and reached out to touch her youngest and deeply adored real niece’s visage on the cell phone screen, it was a very tender moment. She is so frail maybe 85lbs at most. The IP’s medication must be crushed, some of them are black-boxed medications with WARNING labels indicating they should NOT be crushed and should NOT be given to someone diagnosed with dementia. The IP is a diabetic and for the past four years she was erroneously fed high sugar Ensure drinks, which undoubtably caused her to develop kidney disease. In a letter dated August 30, 2021, the Guardian/Ordained Pastor writes that during their initial visit that she and the IP “enjoyed cake and lemonade together”, annexed hereto as Exhibit “12”. The IP suffers from gum disease and was meticulous about her oral hygiene. On March 3, 2022, the daughter was finally permitted her long-awaited “supervised visit” with the IP and as she predicted the IP’s mouth was loaded with plaque. For four years, while under the care of these parasites, the IP was never seen by a dentist! When the daughter asked the Guardian/Ordained Pastor if they knew who her Periodontist was of 40 years (correction approx. 27 years), she replied-no clue! What was more disturbing is that these iniquitous individuals never asked the daughter who the IP’s Dentist was so that they could obtain the IP’s extensive history to this regard along with her vast mental health/medical history that the IP’s daughter has intimate knowledge of. The Guardian stated they would take her to their own dentist, annexed hereto as Exhibit “13”. Their secretly protected hierarchically structured society is as wide as the ocean is deep.

Exhibit 12 - Cake and Lemonade
Exhibit - 13

The United Family is not permitted to visit with the IP without being supervised by the Guardian and the Court Appointed Geriatric Care Manager “VB”, oddly Interloper “BAD”, in the video, is freely permitted to visit with the IP with no supervision. The IP’s children, siblings, nieces, and nephews, that spent every holiday with her, are NOT permitted to visit without supervision. The Guardian testifies on January 5, 2022, that “my ward gets visits from many, almost family they call themselves, often and I believe Ms. (Geriatric Care Manager “VB”) even met one of them who was there one of the times that she was there,” annexed hereto as Exhibit “14”. Where was the Guardian during these visits? The Guardian further testifies on May 5, 2022, that Interloper “BAD” took her to “church”, annexed hereto as Exhibit “15”. Why are these Interlopers permitted to have day trips and visit with the IP without Supervision?

Exhibit - 14
Exhibit - 15

Another disturbing case is the Matter of Nunziata, annexed hereto as Exhibit “16”. This case is a real whopper, so let’s breakdown the numbers on the “legal side of the coin”. Ms. Nancy Kosofsky is worth approximately $2 million dollars. On or about February 2021 a Guardianship Petition was filed by Nancy Nunziata (Commissioner of Nassau County Department of Social Services). On December 15, 2021, Judge Knobel orders Ms. Kosofsky’s Estate to pay the Guardian $73,700.35 plus $389.79 in disbursements, Court Appointed Counsel to Ms. Kosofsky $64,400.00 (shares office space in the same building as the FNBLI), trial attorney for Ms. Kosofsky $53,550.00 plus disbursements in the sum of $3,146.21, $35,250.00 to the Court Appointed Geriatric Care Manager, and $19,168.50 to the Court Evaluator. In total Ms. Kosofsky has paid an astonishing $249,849.75 in legal fees within a nine-month period, annexed hereto as Exhibit “17”. These Officers of the Court, with an oath to serve and protect, are pocketing Ms. Kosofsky’s money as fast as you can shake a stick and with these legal fees mounting the question looming is who is really exploiting Ms. Kosofsky? Judge Knobel’s outlandish financial Orders makes Ms. Kosofsky’s husband look more like a loving and devoted husband then an alleged conman?  Ms. Kosofsky’s Court appointed Legal team puts O. J. Simpson’s Dream Team lineup to shame. “The Court notes that husband/cross-petitioner’s attorney’s contention that the Commissioner’s testimony is necessary, based upon cross-petitioner’s contention that the Article 81 proceeding was brought in retaliation for his complaint against APS, is not supported by the allegations in the cross-petition. Ms. Kosofsky’s husband “alleges that “[he has] been treated like a criminal by the Departments of Social Services and Adult Protective Services because of unfounded and untrue accusations made by individuals who have had little to no contact with Nancy.” As predicted Judge Knobel paralyzes Ms. Kosofsky’s Husband by severing his legs byway of quashing Subpoenas and infringing on Ms. Kosofsky’s husband’s right to Due Process. This is the same consistent story repeatedly told over and over again by the Families that are embroiled in these Exploitive Guardianships. Once again, their secretly protected hierarchically structured society is as wide as the ocean is deep.

Judge Knobel’s Bio states that he delivers food to senior citizens every Monday, annexed hereto as Exhibit “18”. One can only hope that these vulnerable souls do not become unassuming victims groomed and lured into a sinister courtroom of blood thirsty parasites primed and ready to hijack their Estates, pillage their life savings, and ravage their families.

Ms. Britney Spears statement before Judge Penny on June 23, 2021 was powerful and should send chills up one’s spine. She states that she has been “demoralized” and “traumatized” and that “they should all be in jail”. As a result of her predatory Conservatorship Britney Spears’ net worth is a fraction of what her contemporaries Estates are valued at. The New York Times documentary Controlling Britney Spears/Framing Britney Spears on Hulu and FX Networks is a journalistic investigative masterpiece into The Dark Underbelly world of Conservatorships and the sadistic people who perpetuate these sinister crimes. Court Transcripts obtained by the NYT’s quote the now “retired” Judge Reva Goetz, who oversaw the Conservatorship prior to Judge Penny, said “I don’t believe we made any orders about the right to marry but you may not want to tell her that” Welcome to America!!


Ms. Libra Max’s testimony to the US Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of her Father, Pop Artist Peter Max, should make one’s hair stand on end. Ms. Max and her attorney’s filed a Landmark Case in Federal Court dated July 20, 2022, Demanding a Jury Trial. The Complaint is against Deborah Kaplan, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for the New York City Courts. Filing this Landmark Case in Federal Court and removing the Judiciary from the equation and permitting a Trial by Jury may help dismantle and eliminate the Judicial cronyism that has polluted Guardianship proceedings for decades. Ms. Max’s case comes on the cusp of a $200 million dollar settlement that was awarded to the victims in the “Kids for Cash” scandal in August 2022. These Judges, who profited millions by engaging in a scheme that sent hundreds of children to Juvenal detention for petty crimes such as jaywalking, are rotting in jail (with one under home confinement do to covid restrictions). This story is so heart wrenching to read that it can make one fall to their knees in tears. Sadly, some of these victims committed suicide as a result of the trauma they endured. The Headlines for the Guardianship Judiciary; Elders and Disabled for Cash! Same Racket Different Age Bracket!


Please read Joan Pezzollo 5-part exposé on the Exploitive and abusive Guardianship of her mother Marilyn Ingrasani. Joan’s experience mirrors this Family’s story with uncanny detail. Part 3 zeros in on the cast of characters involved in her case; Interloper (home health aide) takes Joan’s mother to a lawyer in Garden City to change her Advanced Directives, the lawyer never contacts a single family member, same Judge (Knobel), lawyers sell a half-million dollars of her mother’s jewelry, no medical testimony permitted, same Court Appointed Geriatric Care Manager “VB”, different Guardian but Ms. Ingrasani’s Guardian’s Law Firm also shares office space in the same building with FNBLI and this Law Firm is also on the Business Advisory Board of FNBLI, and both daughter’s spend over $100,000 to fight and expose these atrocities. Joan reported that during court proceedings these cowards never made eye contact with her, this family witnessed the same behavior. This subtle but astute observation on Joan’s part confirms and validates that these deviants know exactly what they are doing. Sadly, Ms. Ingrasani was alienated from her daughter and grandchildren and her life savings would be financially annihilated by these pungent snakes.


If the IP, Joan’s mother, and Libra’s father had all their faculties like Ms. Britney Spears, perhaps they would be embracing the very lucid, clear, and direct sentiments echoed by Ms. Spears. We are truly humbled by Ms. Spears strength, fortitude, and courage in the face of such malice and demagoguery.


In many cases, The Mental Hygiene Article 81 Law is being used to demonize, demoralize, and exploit families and the disabled. These contaminants impart a bait a switch tactic to advance the Surrogate Courts financial exploitation by providing a legal pathway for them to ambush and pillage the Estates of their unassuming clients under the facade of serve and protect. The Judge(s) handcuff the Interested Parties by quashing subpoenas and stripping them of their right to Due Process. The goal is to force these families deeper down the legal rabbit hole into the appeals process adding further financial and emotional strain on the families and the victims.


There are 1.3 million people that are Wards of The State whose families are embroiled in exploitive and predatory Guardianships. They are living a Kafkaesque nightmare of psychological abuse by way of gaslighting, manipulation, and false allegations. These are just a few of the sick and twisted tactics utilized by sadists to control their prey. The court oversees $50 billion in assets. This is a very secretive and carefully protected billion-dollar industry lurking in The Dark Underbelly world of the United States Judicial System. They financially exploit the elderly and disabled using the legal system and the victims’ own finances to fund and carry out their despicable crimes. Guardianships is one of the largest spinoffs of a Ponzi scheme spearheaded by unsavory lawyers, Judges, and their cohorts. The United States has a colossal homeless epidemic on their hands, perhaps if they were appointed a well needed Guardian, we could put an end to this public health concern plaguing our society.


The five-time Academy Award winning film based on the classic novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, staring Jack Nicholson, and Netflix’s Golden Globe winning movie I Care a Lot, staring Rosamund Pike, are two of the most painful but accurate examples of the pervasive institutional violence that exists in the Guardianship industry and other local and state institutions. The main character’s, Nurse Ratched and Marla Grayson, are tyrannical by nature, mentally unhinged, and both possess venomous passive aggressive and twisted minds. We, as a society, must remain laser focused as denying the existence of these psychopathic women, prowling in plain sight, is naïve at best and destructive to the community.


Mr. Anthony M. Grandinette and Mr. Mathew Rosengart are two of the most thoughtful and honorable lawyers on this side of the Mississippi River. Throughout these vile attacks they would steadfastly stand by their client’s (IP’s daughter & Britney Spears) to passionately advocate and provide a welcome and long-awaited sense of safety and security. Their steady hand, integrity, scholarly minds, and command of the courtroom is both awe-spiring and heartwarming. We, the American people, should be very proud to have these men representing our legal system, they exude self-respect, and they are a sound moral guide for all to follow. If the IP’s Family had to walk through this door of unimaginable pain knowing that Mr. Grandinette was on the other side waiting for them, they would walk through it again in a heartbeat. The world has been and will continue to be enriched by the existence of these two beautiful souls.


There are so many dedicated legal scholars helping to protect our vulnerable populations and exonerate the innocent, unfortunately the hard work performed by these dedicated lawyers can sometimes be overshadowed by the deplorable actions of a few rotten apples. The Courts and their cohorts should be embarrassed and ashamed, surely they have more important matters to tend to given the slew of legitimate cases that truly require the Courts attention. Sadly, the Guardianship Judiciary has become a venomous breeding ground of corruption overseen by wolves robed in sheep’s clothing.


Corruption in Our Courts: What it Looks Like and Where It Is Hidden by Stratos Pahis is both illuminating and disturbing. Mr. Pahis brilliantly delineates how corruption goes as deep as the administrative underlings all the way to the top of the legal canal and everything in between. One lesson that the American people should take away from this journal is for families to vigorously engage in conflict resolution at all costs to prevent legal escalation byway of retaining Counsel.

Our Mission

These putrid organisms have attempted to break this Family’s spirit, but they are still standing. In the face of unimaginable malice manufactured by hoodlums this Family is determined to rebuild their lives and channel their very justifiable rage into something productive that they hope will enrich their beloved homeland along with our neighboring countries. They have launched the First Step Directory website whereby a portion of the membership fees will be donated to the Innocence Project. Our goal is to help expand the Innocence Project’s reach on a national and global platform, expose corrupt and exploitive Guardianships, and give voice to marginalized and vulnerable souls who have been victimized by a profitable and corrupt Justice system.


We welcome the public’s support along with Professionals, Small Businesses, Corporations, Individuals, Students, and Consumers to join us in our global fight for Justice reform, change, and equality.

Dedication To Our Father
Kenneth Francis

We would like to honor and pay tribute to our deeply beloved father, devoted uncle, and respected brother-in-law for his commitment to his family and humanity. As a young child I would have the honor of watching my beautiful father halt and exit his car in the middle of traffic to help an elderly and/or disabled person cross the street. Whenever he would see a funeral procession lose its way, he would immediately stop his car and direct traffic to help ensure the families found their way back in line so that nobody was left behind. Ironically, when he passed, he had one of the longest funeral processions we had ever seen.


Our father would be taken from this earth too soon, his good deeds will never be forgotten, and his moral fiber has sustained us even in the wake of his absence. We will always remember the traumatic events that unfolded that fateful night back on August 8, 1989, as they are forever seared into our memory, but we are determined to follow in his footsteps and live by the example of his thoughtful actions and generous spirit. Even after all these years our hearts remain heavy, but our hope and faith are resolute. We wish we had more time together as with each passing day we realize that we need you more now than ever before. You were perfection in our eyes and that’s all that matters.


The decision to come forward is heart-wrenching and fraught with tremendous pain. Understanding the full scope of this decision, we are deeply humbled by the brave and courageous families who came forward to share their stories knowing that their very private family matters would be on public display for all to critique. Our hope is that the rule of law is used not as a weapon to exploit the meek but rather an instrument that can honor forgiveness in the face of redemption while maintaining accountability for the people who have truly inflicted pain and suffering onto another and the wisdom to know the difference.


Our family will be forever indebted to Mr. Tony Grandinette. Tony would become a beacon of light during our darkest hour. If we were trapped in a foxhole and needed someone to get us out, hands down it would be Tony!


It takes a dedicated team to launch a project of this magnitude and complexity. With that, we would like to thank South Africa for producing a remarkable human being, Mr. Matthew Walton. His passion for the First Step’s mission and his desire to share it with the world literally brought me to tears. I was at my lowest point when Matt serendipitously landed in my lap. He would become a source of oxygen that would force me out of bed in the morning and giving me hope when there was none left in my tank. His faith in me and belief in our vision enabled me to write and share our story.


To our Beautiful TLP, as a child you were my muse and connecting through the unspoken gaze, we became impenetrable. Now a formidable woman in your own right; your beauty engulfs me, your brilliance captivates me, and your visage reflecting on the water, like a magnificent sunset, sets my heart free. To our precocious, loving, and gentle VLH, your compassion for all living creatures and your generous heart can make the whole world smile. The entire family can relax in an easy chair all day just watching you enjoying and exploring the wonders of the universe. When I am with you and mommy my heart softens and I feel complete.


To my intimate circle of trusted confidants, please know that you are deeply loved, valued, and respected. To spend hours on the phone, in an easy silence, just listening to each other breath while we putz around the house…. now that is something special!


For over three decades Psychanalyst GA would steadfastly be by my side creating a safe space where I was able to express myself. GA’s fine-turned ear along with her remarkable ability to suspend judgement would seep into my unconscious and change the entire trajectory and course of my life, for which I will be eternally grateful.


To my patients…it has been an absolute honor and privilege to be a vessel of service. When the therapeutic union is established and nourished, beauty emerges.


There are so many variables, concerns, and unforeseen outcomes that can occur when one is diagnosed with a very rare spinal tumor of unknown origin. Will I be paralyzed, how much time do to I have left on this planet, and when would it be the right time to tell my loved ones? These were just a few of the unnerving thoughts that would race through my head. I truly believe I would not be alive today without the brilliant and cerebral team of professionals at Memorial Sloan Kettering. They are collaborative savants that masterfully dissect complex data to formulate a fine-tuned treatment plan resulting in the best possible outcome for their patients. Their passion, respect, and love of science is admirable and noble. Thank you MSK for giving me my life back…

I now can jump out of my seat and dance my heart out…


To the loves of my life both past and present…Monroe, Freedom, Justice, and my beautiful Atticus, your innocence engulfs my heart, and your protective disposition eases my soul.


Classy Grasshopper & Co.

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