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We are proud to announce the expansion of the First Step Directory into South Africa. We are honored that we have this opportunity to present the South African community with a service that we believe will benefit clients and professionals along with social justice initiatives that we are impassioned about. As the CEO my goal is to ensure that the African culture is preserved, respected, and revered.
When I meditate and breathe in the beauty of Betty’s Bay, with its majestic mountain tops and the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, I am deeply humbled and feel totally complete. Making the decision to launch First Step with Mr. Matthew Walton by my side while my feet are firmly planted on South African soil is both surreal and all encompassing.
I want to thank Matthew for inviting me into his sacred world and for believing in the First Step Mission as much as I do. Mr. Walton’s love for his homeland is awe-inspiring as he believes that the beauty of South Africa can take one’s breath away…it has certainly taken my breath away…
Deirdre Holland, CEO

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